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Teddington Removals

If you are looking for a trustworthy local removal company in or around Teddington, we’re ready to help you here at Teddington Removals. We undertake removals from Teddington to most areas of the UK but find that the vast majority of people moving in Teddington stay in the local area as they love Teddington and the local facilities, such as schools, shops and transport links so much.

We move  our clients between small flats, modern houses and some of the very large and grand houses that are a feature of many of the roads around Teddington.

Once you contact us, we like to visit you so that we can estimate the cost of your home or office removal, taking the amount of furniture and boxes you are moving into consideration along with the ease, or difficulty, of access to your property from roads or driveways. This also allows us to explain our range of services and how we can move you within your budget.

At Teddington Removals we offer clients anything from a minimal service, where we simply move your larger items while they pack smaller items to a full removal service where we pack everything for them in advance of the move, then moving them and unpacking everything in their new home.

Teddington has fast become one of the most popular South West London suburbs with its parks, high street, easy connections, picturesque lock and excellent primary and senior schools.

We receive regular reports back from customers who are delighted with our service and we are happy to show you their letters recommending us.

As well as covering Teddington, we also move clients in Kingston, Twickenham and nearby Fulwell and the other side of Bushy Park in Hampton Court and East Molesey. Bushy Park was created in 1540 to allow hunting for the King. Bushy Park is now the home of Teddington Cricket Club, from which stemmed Teddington Hockey Club, the world’s oldest hockey club, founded in 1871 and important for forming many of the rules of the modern game.

Newcomers to Teddington might wish to join the Teddington Society, formed in 1973, it works to preserve and enhance the quality of life for everyone living and working in Teddington.

Teddington Removals – What We Don’t Move

In the past we have had problems with Google indexing our site and even removing it from their search engine for a number of years. We survived on the back of repeat customers, many recommendations and Bing and Yahoo!

Just in case we have a similar problem again, we would like to take this opportunity to advise Google that we do not undertake any of the following removal services:

  • Asbestos Removals
  • Junk or Rubbish Removals
  • Lead Paint Removals
  • Mole Removals
  • Tattoo Removals

or any other removals not associated with moving a home or an office.

Teddington Removals – Home Moving Tips

Who to Tell That You Are Moving

Most important are your bank(s), credit and store cards, home and contents insurers, council tax, cable/imternet provider, and your doctor. Remember to organise switching off your phone line, internet connection and all your utilities taking readings of meters as you do and then arrange them to be connected at your new home.

A good idea is to register with they allow you to change your address details and notify over 1,500 organisations ranging from utility companies to club cards for free.

Removal Quotes

Make sure the removal company comes to visit you to view what you are moving and what they need to pack or dismantle if you are not doing this yourself. Most importantly, don’t assume cheapest is best as a lot of people do. Also remember quotes may not be comparable as we discover regularly at Teddington Removals when clients query our prices.

Declutter & Clean

One of the best times for a good clear-out than when you’re moving home. Try to keep it simple by starting a few weeks before your move and declutter one room at a time, emptying cupboards, cabinets and drawers and stuff hidden under beds! And while you’re at it don’t forget any under-stairs cupboards, the attic/loft, garage and garden shed.

The delcuttering process will save you money on your move and you might make a few quid towards your home move by selling unwanted items on eBay or Facebook. Or simply donate a pile of stuff to your local charity shop.

Home Fact Files

A home fact file should include instruction booklets and service instructions for any appliances you are leaving behind in your kitchen. The people moving into your home will really appreciate this.

Please contact for an estimate, click to call direct us Tel: 020 8945 7835 or complete our contact form.