Teddington Office Moves

While Teddington is mostly residential, there are quite a number of offices, both large and small,  in and around Teddington High Street that we also move from time to time.

Office Move Planning

We have moved many businesses in and around Teddington over the years, some of them several times as their business has grown, and as a result we have discovered the secret of a successful office move is in a thorough planning programme.

We kick this off by sitting down with you to discuss the move and looking at what needs moving, access to the office entrance and proximity of parking places alongside the office or nearby. If possible we also take a look at the office(s) you are moving too.

This enables us to prepare a pre-move planning document including a review of all IT equipment, desks and other furniture, filing and storage requirements, plus items that will need dismantling before you leave and reassambly at the new office.

Finally, we deliver a detailed project plan itemising the details of your move.

Office Relocations

We aim to move your business with maximum efficiency and minimal disruption. Many of our office moves take place during a weekend so that staff leave the old office on a Friday afternoon and turn up for work the following Monday and are able to recommence work without delay.

Our workers are experienced in many types of office furniture disassembly and reassembly. Furniture and files are marked so that they join each other up at the new office.

Commercial Removals

We are one of the top Commercial Removal Companies around and have moved shops as well as offices in and around the Teddington area. So if you are looking for a reliable mover that can move your business with minimal downtime and as little disruption to the operation of your business, clients, customers and staff – please give as a call at Teddington Removals and we will come to visit you.

Please ask us to provide references from some of our recent clients if you require reassurance for your office or commercial removal.

Please contact for an estimate, click to call direct us Tel: 020 8945 7835 or complete our contact form.